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Ant Smasher

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- Smash the ants before they get to the picnic!



- each ant smashed means 1 more point.

- there are 5 types of bonus, and if you tap them, you can get 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 points. The probability of a 5-point bonus showing up is higher than the 100-point bonus, for example.

- you can also collect a life-up bonus.

- there is a maximum of 3 lives.

- if an ant pass, you lose 1 life.

- if you touch a bee, you lose the game.


You can also:

- change your background for any picture you like (press Options)

- share your score on Facebook & Twitter

- challenge your friends per e-mail

- check out Global High-Scores if you have the paid version.


Have fun!